The film industry has grown to be one of the most lucrative industries in the market. It is one of the industries that has been entertaining us for many decades and still going strong. We have seen many legendary actors and actresses and to date, the industry is still not disappointing. This year, there have… Read Article →

As if it is not enough Fast and Furious producers still have a lot in their bag that they want to share with the fans. The wait and uncertainty whether we will have a Fast and Furious is over as Neal H. Moritz the producer of the Fast and Furious Seven movie has confirmed that… Read Article →

The pair is proud of running the giant Lego Movie universe. Lord and Miller are in the verge of developing The Flash for the Warner Bros and DC. Sony Group has sent the two to work on the animated film called Spider-Man and there are reports that they will also be working on another Jump… Read Article →

This May Warner Bros is ready to crank the engine on the first ever Mad Max picture in 30 years. The company with a new lead and audience, and the mad man George Miller behind their cameras are set to keep things interesting all over again with Mad Max: Fury Road. Warner Bros have even provided a… Read Article →

The screen legend was confirmed dead on Sunday at the age of 93 years. However, the news was released to the public days later after his wife requested to first inform the family members. Lee had suffered from respiratory problems for a considerable amount of time and he died in a hospital while undergoing treatment…. Read Article →

San Andreas has already garnered profound prominence due to the its high proficiency in terms of production. Recently, the movie was declared top in the UK and Ireland box office. Interestingly, this was achieved in the opening stage of the same movie. The movie is currently held as one of the most prominent in the… Read Article →

For the past 24 hours, The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been the only thing that has kept multitudes glued to the screen. Granted, they have a good reason to do so for a couple of more days to come. Leaving their living rooms for any other place even within the house is a taboo thanks… Read Article →

Home video technology is something that has surely taken a gigantic leap in advancement within the last 20 years. This is a good thing. It is a sign that things will only keep on moving from a technology stance, and that is always promising for the home video entertainment industry. This industry has definitely graduated… Read Article →

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